When To Avail Bone Marrow Transplantation Surgery?

Marrow Transplantation Surgery

Bone marrow is something that everyone has heard about, but do not know much details about it. It is actually a spongy tissue that is present inside the bones. It contains immature cells or stem cells. The latter then converts to red blood cells to carry all over the body. Also are carried white blood cells to fight infections. It helps to clot blood.

Who requires bone marrow transplantation?

These days, there have emerged numerous hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India that offer top quality remedies at affordable prices. It is the qualified oncologist who undertakes the transplantation procedure. However, not every patient is recommended this surgery by the physicians. The transplantation is performed only in the below given cases.

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  • Myeloma patients
  • Immunodeficiency patients
  • Patients suffering from different types of diseases like sickle cell anemia, thalassemia.
  • Leukemia is also called blood cancer.

More about bone transplantation

The fact is transplantation of the bone marrow is not an easy process. The patient needs to avail radiation and chemotherapy of high dosage. This will only destroy the body’s faulty stem cells. The donor could probably some unrelated people or family member. At times, the cells get saved in advance only to be used latter on. This type of surgical process also comes with serious risks. However, for some, it can be the answer to survive for a long time.

Bone marrow transplant types

The reputed and well established bone marrow transplant hospitals India can easily perform different types of bone marrow transplantation procedure. They are as follows:

  1. Autologous transplantation: This is also called self donated transplantation method. It involves chemotherapy in high dosage and then infusing previously gathered stem cells in the patient. Oncologists give the patients with chemotherapy, as it helps to destroy the cancer cells present. With stem cell infusion, the chemotherapy damaged bone marrow is replaced. In this procedure, there is not required any donor. The donor here is the patient himself/herself. The major benefit derived from this type of transplantation procedure is that patient can be free from complication of host disease vs. graft.
  2. Allogenic Transplantation: It is also called donor transplant. Similar to the above process, this one also requires chemotherapy dosage. After chemotherapy, donor’s blood cells are infused into the patient. It is from matched donor’s HLA (immune) that the marrow is to be taken from. The donor, in this case, is required to avail cell mobilization. The issue will be taken by the oncologist only from those donors, whose tissues have matched perfectly with the patient. The reason, with the tissue having a good matching, the outcome can be much more positive.

Bone marrow transplantation is considered to be the only available solution for those eager to eliminate cancer. But the transplantation procedure may involve risks including death. But success means, the patient can lead a happy, satisfied, decent and long life. Hence, consulting the professionals who are experts in performing this type of surgical process is very much essential to take the right decision.



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